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Balaton Cup Englis program 2018

17th 'Balaton Cup' International Youth Handball Tournament

19-23 August 2018.

Applications invited from sports clubs, schools and other interested       teams


Girls:                                                                        Boys:

U16 2002 (born after 01.01.2001.)                U16 2001 (born after 01.01.2001.)

U13 2004 (born after 01.01.2003.)                U14 2003 (born after 01.01.2003.) 

U11 2006 (born after 01.01.2005.)                U12 2005 (born after 01.01.2005.)

U10 2007 (born after 01.01.2007.)                U10 2008 (born after 01.01.2007.)

A player is allowed to compete in one team only. It can be either the team to which the player belongs on the base of his/her age or the team above the player's category.

The minimum number of team participants is 11 (10 players and 1 team leader) while the maximum number of team participants is 15 (13 players and 2 team leaders or 14 players and 1 team leader).

Proof of a player's identity:

A player's identity should be proved by either passport. In any controversial case a player is to prove his/her identity undoubtedly. This proof of identity should be produced before each match in each case if requested by the referees or team leaders. No player is allowed to participate without this proof. Each team should have a list of their players signed by the team sports physician too.

The arrangement of the tournament :

We expect 15 teams to participate in each category.

(90 teams altogether)

Depending on the entries the teams will be divided into three groups in each category by drawing lots. A group will consist of 5 teams. In the semi finals the places will be decided from the teams after playing a round robin tournament. Next the teams achieving the same place in their group will form another three groups where the places from 1-15 will be decided. The organizers of the tournament maintain their right to modify the division of the teams if the number of participating teams makes it necessary. Even so the organizers assure the teams that they will take part in at least 4 matches. If the number of the teams is less than 5 in a category then the organizers will cancel that category.

Referees delegated by MKSZ (Hungarian Handball Federation) will referee the matches.

The matches will be organized in the handball sports hall of Fonyód.

Playing time:

All Categories, Playing time will be 2x15 minutes with 5-minute half time break.  Each team is allowed one time-out per Half time. MKSZ and IHF rules will apply at all times

Ball size: U16, U14 (for both Girls and Boys) size 2, U13,U12,U11 (for both Girls and Boys) size 1, U10 (for both Girls and Boys) size 0


The 1-3 places of each category will get a cup and medal reward.

The 4- places of each category will get a certificate.

In each category a special prize will reward the following players:

-The top scorer

-The best player

-The best goalkeeper

Other regulations

Each team should be in possession of:

-stripes in two different colours

-1 standard size handball

If a team does not appear by the announced starting time of a match then the opponent will win and the match will result in 10:0.

Lodging a protest:

Lodging a protest should be done within an hour after the end of a match. It should be handed to the officials in writing. At the same time a team lodging a protest should pay 10.000HUF fee.

Places will be decided in the following way:

-The results of the matches played against one another.

-The difference in the scores and the number of the more thrown goals will decide. If a match ends in a draw the places will be decided after a 2x5 -minute long extra time and after it penalty throws will decide.

If a team behaves unsportingly or breaks the rules it will be disqualified and its results annulled by the officials.

A player who is sent off the court and is not allowed to play again in that match s/he has not the right to take part in the next match. In any controversial matter the officials have the right to make a decision.




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